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StringersHub To Publish Video Content Through Microsoft Start

Today we are happy to declare a brand new integration with Microsoft Start, which brings users high-quality news from the world’s most popular and trusted publishers.

With the support of more than 27 000 freelancers worldwide and regional news agencies, the StringersHub team supplies enthralling video content, from breaking news to viral clips. Microsoft News and StringersHub have entered into an agreement to let StringersHub distribute relevant video content via Microsoft’s content ecosystem which includes experiences across Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Edge, mobile apps, and more. 

StringersHub provides consumer-ready video content to give media the latest coverage from breaking news events. With this partnership, StringersHub content can reach an even broader audience from among over 1.3 billion Windows users worldwide, and Microsoft is able to offer users even more high-quality, professionally created content.

About StringersHub:

StringersHub, a unified technology platform, is currently assisting more than 1000+ content buyers, media outlets, and production companies in their search for videographers and relevant video content from all over the world. With 27 000+ registered freelancers from over 180 countries, StringersHub offers essential video production services ranging from hiring a fixer to providing a full crew for a documentary shoot. In addition to the possibility of making assignments for shooting, media outlets have access to the content gallery, in which stringers and eyewitnesses upload the captured videos. UGC ranges from breaking news to viral videos and lifestyle content.


Simon Zhdanovich
Marketing Manager, StringersHub
[email protected]

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