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Full news coverage
User-generated content
Interview or A-rolls
Price range per video $50 - $750
Film a video where a person interviewing someone on camera or non-narrative footage that directly relates to the moment. Include a few b-rolls/cutaways to fulfill the story.
Full News Coverage
Price range per video $100 - $1250
Full news coverage includes:
* two and more interviews (for example, an expert of the issue, witness of events, etc.);
* cutaways of the news event;
* b-rolls at the location;
* preferably to include a reporter stand up
Price range per video $50 - $850
B-Roll is also used as a “cutaway.” B-roll is a video that usually supports interview or A-rolls. That could be city/streets views, people on the streets, details of the environment, etc.
User-generated content
Price range per video $15 - $500
User-generated content is the footage filmed by eyewitnesses on non-professional camera or smartphone in order to cover the events at the very moment when it happens.
All we need is... user-generated news content
You can shoot with smartphone or DSLR, helmet-cam or drone.
No matter what device you use, a story is a key.
From SD, HD to 4K. We accept any video quality to help you sell and show your story to the world.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Stringer?

A stringer is a part-time or freelance journalist, videographer, or photographer typically assigned by a news organization to cover the events all around the world, especially in areas where they have no bureau or full-time reporters.

How do I register?

Click on Register now, fill in the form and activate your account via email.

What kind of content is needed?

Our main goal is to provide content buyers with video content, that’s why news video content is more relevant for us now. Nevertheless, you can upload any kind of video. For example, it can be political or social content, sports or entertainment events, etc.

What kind of video are not accepted?

You cannot upload your showreel with your watermark as an unique content on the platform. It’s prohibited to upload content of violence, pornography, bestiality, videos depicting nudity, spam or advertising. If you upload such kind of content, your account will be banned.

How do I upload videos?

To upload the video, you need to register or log in on the platform. Click Upload video in your personal account, fill in a description, add tags and press Send.

How many videos can I upload?

At the moment you can upload just one video file at a time.

How do I sell my videos?

As a stringer you have two options to earn the money by selling your video on Stringershub. First, you can upload the real-time breaking news or viral video to the marketplace, where broadcasters seek to a recent video content. Second, you can browse the current assignments in your location, accept and complete it.

How do I get paid?
If your video has been purchased by a media buyer - you will receive a notification and get paid for it. On-demand video is paid according to a pre-approved budget. Videographers and eyewitnesses get paid on the 10th day of the following month. For mass payments, we use the service partner Tipalti. We will send a link to your email address specified during registration to activate your account. Payments will be made in several ways: PayPal (fee of $2+2% from the transfer amount, for example, when you receive $100 Commission is 4$), Wire transfer (fee $26, for example, when you receive $100 Commission - $26), Check (fee is $3, for example, when you receive $100 Commission - $3), eCheck (fee $5, for example, when you receive $100 Commission - $5), ACH (fee $5, for example, when you receive a $100 Commission - $5). Please note that the commission is paid by the recipient.
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