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Alexandr Dzechis Journalist, Head Of Video Production Company


The RTVI channel created a task on our platform to set up a video shoot for a turnkey story dedicated to the Independence Day of Moldova. Since this production had to stay on track with a tight schedule, it was crucial to find the perfect person for the job. The required skills included filming, equipment setup, shooting sync, b-rolls, stand-up, voiceover, and post-production.


Stringers located in the area of the submitted task received an immediate notification via email. Once qualified stringers applied, the producer contacted them to clarify their availability and rates, and soon after, the client was receiving stand-ups for approval. Once a StringersHub producer went over the technical task, they informed the stringer. The same day the shooting took place, the stringer submitted the final product to the client and the report was released.


We are pleased to have worked with the StringersHub platform. The team is easy to get in touch with and completes the work on time. They have a high-quality selection of videographers from all over the world who are respectful and professional. Thanks!
Как в Молдове отметили День независимости

Dmitry Haitouski, Producer