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AI Jazeera

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Aygun Gasanova Journalist
Lara Deli Videographer


In October 2020, we received a request from Al Jazeera to find two stringers who would be able to shoot simultaneously in Baku and Yerevan. The story focused on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, particularly on the influence of propaganda. Since the footage had to be completed and sent within 24 hours of us receiving the task, the challenge here was to organize everything in the short time period we had.


To begin, the client created two tasks on the platform. After having received immediate notifications, the producer contacted those who replied, and within 10 minutes, two stringers had gotten approved. Shortly after receiving the request for this technical task, the details were negotiated and finalized with the stringers. Since the footage was filmed in different locations and times, the producer stayed in touch with both sides to coordinate every detail. Throughout the process, the stringers sent photos and video samples to make sure everything was successful and met the client’s needs.


The videos were successfully completed well before the deadline and the client was satisfied with the material, as stated in the final report.