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AFP TV North America

Ruslan Gaidai Videographer


AFP TV North America (Agence France Presse) turned to our company with a request to film a story in the US city of Kenosha, WI, as soon as possible. At the time, sizeable rallies were sweeping the city to protest police brutality against African-Americans. AFP TV needed an experienced camera person with professional equipment on this breaking news story. The assignment was to conduct interviews, film B-roll, and send an edit. The client also requested a live broadcast directly from the protest site.


To begin, the client created a task on the platform. All stringers in the region were notified via email through our platform. Despite the health and safety limitations (COVID and tear gas used by police), we still managed to find a stringer who accepted the assignment and could deliver by the requested deadline within the established budget. In less than an hour, he was on location.


The final edit was completed with AFP’s specifications and delivered through our platform. The AFP TV North America team was satisfied with the work that was presented and has continued to book subsequent assignments via StringersHub.