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StringersHub received a request from Kinguru. The concept was to shoot a promo video. Our client already had a plot and location for shooting, so the job was to find a shooting crew. Also, Kinguru was looking for a producer, so StringersHub kindly provided Kinguru with an experienced and creative freelance producer.


Kinguru contacted StringersHub directly. We got their plan, the idea of an upcoming video was fully comprehended. As always, our team made a dispatch to stringers, lots of them responded. Our moderators looked through portfolios of every responded one and then we selected whom to hire by our specific criteria, giving an opportunity to our client to check the members of the shooting crew by themselves. To avoid any confusion, our producer stayed in touch with both sides to coordinate every detail.


The final result met the expectations of the client. The job was done professionally because StringersHub is a trustworthy partner, as well as Kinguru, is a trustworthy client. Thanks to StringersHub’s platform inner statistics, every shooting crew member, that we provided to Kinguru, was accountable, diligent, efficient, passionate. Both StringersHub and Kinguru are contented with such working experience.