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German School Tel Ran


Basically, the school itself is located in Germany. Due to that, the school works with a Russian-speaking audience, the client required shooting in a Russian-speaking country. Fortunately, they contacted us! The client required a full-service production: to write a script, find a location, find actors, pick a shooting crew, the shooting itself, and a montage.


The client created a task. As usual, our team efficiently made a dispatch to stringers, and, according to their preliminary portfolio, were choosing certain stringers, who can carry out the task. We requested stringers, who had the best portfolios, to send us their pitches. The client watched those pitches and carefully selected the crew. In this case, StringersHub did production services. Our professional team was always in touch, helping both the client and stringers, answering every their question.


The satisfied client received montaged ready-to-use videos for commercial purposes. Both StringersHub and the client met expectations of each other, and both are looking forward to working together.