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Finding the right person to shoot a video in an unknown location takes a lot of time and effort. This is where our AI-powered platform comes into play. We facilitate the task of finding the most suitable match for your project to several clicks.

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Whether you need a breaking news report or a commercial ad, we have you covered. Create a task and find the right person in the shortest time.

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About Us

StringersHub, a unified technology platform, is currently assisting more than 800 content buyers, media outlets, and production companies in their search for videographers and relevant video content from all over the world. We have 25,000 freelancers from over 130 countries who can produce essential video production services ranging from hiring a fixer in Sydney to providing a full crew for your documentary shoot in Moscow. We can even create a commercial for your business in as little as two days! Since we are one-stop-company, there is no restriction to the video and freelance services marketplace. Media and news organizations also have access to the gallery with up-to-date viral and news UGC from all over the world.

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Finding a freelancer for your production project has never been easier!
Save your time and effort with our platform. We promptly connect you to the right person by defining the details of your task, determining the necessary location, service, and budget.

Specify all the required details
for the assignment
Receive proposals Interested freelancers are carefully analyzed by the system and our team to find who best suits the demands of your project
You have access to check freelancers’
portfolios and previous experience
Receive the finalized material Your requested task is complete!

Subscription plans

Solo One-time project to be completed ASAP

No Fee

No Fee

Number of tasks: on demand
Service charge varies depending on the details of the project
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Team A fixed service charge that includes up to 5 tasks


month billed annually


per month
5 tasks per month
Service charge - 15%
1 task covered by production support team
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Corporate Tasks are unlimited within our platform with additional access to our production support team


month billed annually


per month
Unlimited number of tasks
Service charge - 15% For ongoing hires - 7.5%
3 tasks covered by production support team
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Enterprise Benefit from the reduced volume-based service charge and personal account manager responding to your requirements


month billed annually


per month
Unlimited number of tasks
Volume-based service charge
5+ tasks covered by production support team
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Solo Team Corporate Enterprise
Production Support
Upon Request Additional tasks - 30%
to the freelancers rate
Additional tasks - 30%
to the freelancers rate
Additional tasks - 30%
to the freelancers rate
Manage Your Own
Freelancers With
The Platform
Payment Deadlines Within 25 days Within 25 days Within 1-3 days, when possible Within 1-3 days, when possible
1099, 1042, W8-BEN
Collection & Filing
Access to Story Pitches
on StringersHub Network
Reporting and Analytics
Autorenewal with
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Reporting and Analytics


Camera Operators /
Videographers / DP

Responsible for all filming setup and duties, camera operation and setup, lighting setup, and film editing.

Sound Mixers /

A member of a film crew or television crew who is responsible for recording and managing all sound/recording duties using professional and necessary audio equipment.


Responsible for controlling the drone and managing the shoots from a professional-grade drone.


Online streaming media recorded and simultaneously broadcasted live.

International Fixer /
Production Fixer

A local journalist, hired by a foreign correspondent or a media company to help arrange a story.

Scriptwriters /
Screenwriters / Script

A professional writer that specializes in screenwriting and creating screenplays.

Editing /
Post Production

The stage following production once the filming is complete, and the video and audio editing process are beginning. A couple of examples of what takes place in this process might be adding music, dubbing, or adding sound effects.

Crew Services / Crewing Services


Responsible for managing lighting duties, including the labor of lighting instruments and electrical equipment setup.


Responsible for researching topics and writing articles, as well as producing live reports on information from legitimate sources.


A professional photographer experienced in handling professional photography equipment and photo editing programs.

Translation Services

If required, we offer the services of a professional translator.

Audio - Voiceover / Narration

The process of recording a voiceover or narration and adding it to your project to ensure it is the top-notch content you expect and deserve.

2D & 3D Animation / Graphic Design / Motion Design

The creation of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing visual content that is guaranteed to exceed your creative expectations.

Video types

Editorial / News Videos

News style content reporting live on the scene of the incident or story subject.

User-Generated Videos

Videos that are created by actual people and not brands, brands often share UGC.

Viral Videos

A video that becomes popular through a process of circulating the internet. The most common way is through websites such as YouTube, where sharing and posting videos are the main functions. Going viral can also happen through exposure on social media sites and email blasts.

Social Media / Native Ad Videos

Native video advertising consists of combining branded messages with existing content.

Corporate Video Production / Business Videos

Videos created for and authorized by a business, company, corporation, or organization.

Documentary Production Companies / Documentary Filming

Filming and producing professional-level documentaries.

Education Video Production / Training Videos

Educational and instructional video content consisting of the necessary information for someone to complete a task, duty, or process successfully.

Animation / Explanation Videos

Short online marketing videos that are typically used when promoting your company's products or services.

Event Videos

These videos are an art that consists of capturing social and special events on camera to produce content you will never forget.

latest Cases

In October 2020, we received a request from Al Jazeera to find two stringers who would be able to shoot simultaneously in Baku and Yerevan...

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AFP TV North America (Agence France Presse) turned to our company with a request to film a story in the US city of Kenosha, WI, as soon as possible...

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The RTVI channel created a task on our platform to set up a video shoot for a turnkey story dedicated to the Independence Day of Moldova...

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Our clients say

StringersHub provided a great service to us shooting a promo video for our startup Kinguru. We didn't know how to present our idea at all, but the StringersHub team helped us with a professional producer who did a great job highlighting our startup strengths and focusing on our benefits. The SH team kept in touch with us all the time. That's why we got a great product on the way out. Thank you so much, guys. And I will be happy to use your services in the future.

Tatiana LLC Kinguru, Owner

Working experience with StringersHub is exceptional. For a long time, the StringersHub team proved their status on the market. I can describe this team as trustworthy, well-structured, and competent. They provided outstanding services. The StringersHub team took the time to understand who we are as a company and managed to interface effectively with the help of their unique way of communication. The team is in touch 24/7 and always copes with even tough tasks that require top expertise.

Alex Belexway, CEO

Our team is pleased with the working experience with StringersHub. We want to thank guys for their professional ability to adapt to personal cases, make the whole way of cooperation suitable. The StringersHub team planed the process, gave their perspective on the final product, which, as a result, satisfied our vision and the job was done correctly. All deadlines were kept, so, yeah, we wish to cooperate more with StringersHub.

Andrew Akstent, CEO

Our network

Our network has a substantial base of 25,000+ talented, professional freelancers that are ecstatic to assist you with any of your video production requests. Helping you produce high-quality content is our top priority. To guarantee this happens, we have our freelancers go through a process of verification by our internal rating system. Our team personally inspects the freelancer's portfolio and reviews before granting them professional stringer status on our platform.

Asia 8000+ freelancers
Africa 5000+ freelancers
CIS 5000+ freelancers
North America 4000+ freelancers
EU 3000+ freelancers


What is StringersHub?

StringersHub assists media outlets in their search for videographers and relevant video content from all over the world. With 25,000+ registered freelancers from over 130 countries, StringersHub offers essential video production services ranging from hiring a fixer to providing a full crew for a documentary shoot.

Where are you based out of (offices, team)?

StringersHub is a US-based company with a Development Office in Belarus operating with clients and freelancers from any corner of the world.

How does SH platform work?

Our platform saves your time and effort by promptly connecting you to the right person. Sign in for free and create a task defining the necessary location, service, and budget. Automatic notifications will be sent to our network. In the shortest time, you will receive proposals. Interested freelancers are carefully analyzed by the system and our team to find who best suits the demands of your project. You will also have a chance to check their portfolios and previous experience and assign the task. After receiving the final material, you will make the payment through the platform. In case of any questions, our support team will be happy to help you with any of the stages.

What services do you offer?

Our freelancers can produce essential video production services ranging from hiring a fixer to providing a full crew for your documentary shoot or a commercial for your business. You can learn more about the services and our network here or contact us in case of a specific inquiry.

How can I create a task on the platform?

After signing in, you can create a task on the platform specifying the required details. For more details, watch our video tutorial here

How much time does it take to find a freelancer?

After the creation of the task, you will be able to track the search with the help of our immediate notifications. It may take from several minutes to hours to receive proposals from the freelancers. We want you to find the best match for your project so the approval of the freelancer will happen as soon as possible depending on the urgency and requirements of the project.

How can I be sure that a freelancer will provide high-quality work?

Helping you produce high-quality content is our top priority. To guarantee this happens, we have our freelancers go through a process of verification by our internal rating system. This process verifies their skill level, gathers their contact information and previous experience, and then ensures they have the necessary equipment to help you efficiently. Next, our team personally inspects the freelancer's portfolio and reviews before granting them professional stringer status on our platform. You also have the option to view their portfolio and reviews yourself before hiring anyone to ensure that they are the best match for you and your project.

What equipment (gear) do your freelancers use?

Our freelancers have different equipment depending on the country, their level of professionalism, amount of experience, as well as financial capabilities of the videographer. Basic necessary equipment includes a camera, a tripod, and a mike. You can check the stringer’s gear in his profile. Our producers are always attentive to customer requests and strictly check the availability of all necessary equipment to perform tasks.

How much will it cost?

You can learn more about the factors shaping the price here. For more than one assignment per month, check our subscription plans to benefit from a fixed service charge.

What are the types of payment?

Payment can be made by credit card or through wire transfer.

Can I get acquainted with the freelancer’s contact details, technical info, his showreel?

Freelancers’ showreel and technical info are available to clients to ensure they choose the best match for their project. Contact details become available after subscribing to any of the plans.

What is the main SH contact I should be using (name, email, messenger, phone number)?

In case of questions regarding task creation and production, please call +1 718 865 8780 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Do you have a health and safety procedure that your freelancers follow?

We have become signatories to the ACOS Alliance Freelance Journalist Safety Principles which we promote within our freelance community including training and educational opportunities. We are also going to launch accident insurance for our freelancers within a short time.

What are your main values and advantages among competitors?

We’re proud to share some comparative stats and values to highlight our recent achievements and insights from StringersHub clients
• StringersHub is the most populated marketplace with registered video freelancers in the CIS and Asia
• It also has more than 3,000 freelancers in the US and EU
• We search for the most suitable solution in terms of price and quality
• You can contact us in all major messenger apps, email, and rear calls (usually first touch). Our team of producers works 24/7 to process your assignment with notice as short as two hours before the shooting of a scene/ task
• Your StringersHub account is handled by a dedicated manager to deal with your specific needs
• UGC and freelancers stories are updated daily
• You can benefit from our subscription plans for shooting projects and monthly packages for UGC

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