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If you have authentic viral video content, you don’t need to worry about finding a source for its promotion anymore. Browse your gallery or film up-to-the-minute stories via your smartphone or camera and upload them to the gallery. Let the platform take care of the rest promotion.

1. Press “Register” and create a free account

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3. Add tags and description

4. Wait for the moderator’s approval

5. Your video is in the gallery and we’re working on its promotion

6. Receive e-mail notification if it’s licensed and get paid


Current Tasks

Actual UGC tasks from the platform

Daily life in crisis-hit Lebanon

Lebanon, Beirut

Gaza paramedics attend an organised yoga session on the beach


Mumbai residents take part in muted World Yoga Day celebrations due to Covid-19

India, Mumbai

Supporters of Nikol Pashinyan gather to celebrate victory

Armenia, Yerevan

Protest against Spanish PM

Spain, Barcelona,

Successfull cases

Check out the latest video briefs. Record the stories on your phone or camera and upload them!

Revenue: $300

Close-up footage of items found in the sea of the Boeing crash site in Jakarta

Revenue: $300

Austin after snow apocalypse. Review from a local resident in Texas, USA

Revenue: $420.90

Millions without power in Texas as snow storm slams U.S.

Revenue: $350.35

Protests Calling for Every Vote to Be Counted in New York

Revenue: $432.95

Vienna shooting: attack on Austria Synagogue leaves several wounded

Revenue: $362.69

Piton De La Fournaise volcano eruption on Réunion island, France

Revenue: $378.73

Austin Residents wait in a 3 hour line to get groceries.

Revenue: $248.46

Eyesolation dance video from Mumbai, India


Ronaldo Pedro da silva


I'm a photojournalist in Brazil, more focused on covering facts from the city of São Paulo. I am very happy to be able to contribute videos to Stringershub, which is now part of my commitments as a journalist. I have a lot to thank everyone on the team who are always ready to solve and help. I also want to be able to contribute more to my work, which also makes me happy.

Mustafa Najafizada

Freelance Videographer

I am really happy cooperating with Stringershub. I feel very comfortable working as a freelance videographer for this company. Great assignments. Looking forward to working on more professional projects with you.

Cristina Szucinski

Enthusiastic about gathering all my skills and showing the world unknown stories. I am very dedicated to reaching my goals, giving my best, and always learning new things. What do I expect from StringersHub? A successful daily partnership.

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How do I get paid?

The author gets 50% from every sale. Once your balance is 10$ and more you will get your payment. Either you’ve completed an order or sold the video, you will be paid on the 10th of next month, after we get the payment from our client. We use both Tipalti and Payoneer for bulk payments. On the mail you’ve signed up with, you’ll receive a link to activate your account. Payments are fulfilled in several ways:
– PayPal (the commission is $2+2% based on the amount of transfer, e. g. you earn 100$ – commission is 4$).
– Wire Transfer (commission is 26$, e. g. you earn 100$ – commission is 26$).
– Check (commission is 3$, e. g. you earn 100$ – commission is 3$).
– eCheck (commission is 5$, e. g. you earn 100$ – commission is 5$).
– ACH (commission is 5$, e. g. you earn 100$ – commission is 5$). Please, notice that the commission is paid by the receiver.

How long does it take before I receive my money?

Authors are get paid for video selling between the beginning of the month and the 10th. We form our reports according to sells from the platform. Our partners reports are included as well. Sometimes it takes a while (due to lags in reports sending, as well as the process of selling the video is slow), but, as soon as we get the reports with an information that author’s video is sold – we immediately inform the author via email.

How to promote my video?

We are in a search of hottest and most interesting news from all over the world. Consider, that news involves wide spectrum of topics, such as politics, economics, criminal, weather, celebs, sport, unusual stories, events. Moreover, mass media can be interested in viral video content (chances to sell your material for higher price are increasing when your material is in a good quality and highly relevant).

How do I know how much my video makes?

The buyer establishes the price by himself. An average price is 50$. Sales are multiple, usually.

How do I upload the video?

Steps to upload a video: sign-in (or sign-up if you don’t have an account) – press “Add video” in top left corner – fill in title, description, location, category, date – add tags – press “Send”.

What are the requirements for the video I upload?

Our main goal is to provide mass media with relevant news and viral video content. For example, it can be political demonstration, sports or entertainment event.
Video formats, that can be uploaded are mp4, mts, mov, wmv, avi, flv, webm, shoot via camera or smartphone.
– Minimal video length – 20 sec.
– Preferred shooting type – landscape (horizontal).
– Videos must match ratio rate.
– If video consists an interview, vox pop and other frames, where people speak foreign languages (not English), it’s necessary to provide a translation (with time codes).
– It’s not allowed to use logos, watermarks, graphics, copyrighted music and pictures.

What kind of videos are not accepted?

It’s not allowed to upload videos with logos, watermarks, graphics, copyrighted music and pictures. Besides, you’re not supposed to upload content, that contains cruel animal treatment, violence, pornography, spam and ads. If you download such content, your account will be blocked.

Do I still own the video?

Yes! You consent to our use. We work with both exclusive and non-exclusive rights. You can still share your video via social media, but, you can’t post your video on other similar media-platforms for the purpose of monetization.


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