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About StringersHub

StringersHub is a marketplace that meets the needs of media in video content with the help of freelance videographers and civic journalists through online video stock and on-demand.

Founded by journalists, StringersHub helps the media to receive video content made by stringers and eyewitnesses from all over the world. Over the past two years, the company worked as a news video agency. The database includes 3000+ stringers and 100+ clients worldwide.

StringersHub Official Video

In May 2017 for increasing productivity, accelerating the process and business scaling, StringersHub decided to start developing an online media platform. The company aims to provide media with a good quality video content. The goal is to make a platform which connects professional videographers and witnesses of the events with tv-channels, production studios and internet media producers and editors who use video content.

StringersHub has launched a media platform that connects professional videographers and eyewitnesses with media producers and editors who need and use video content. On the platform, media can quickly send a video shoot request or find a ready-to-use footage in the gallery. Meanwhile, stringers from all over the world can accept the task, complete it, add the footage to the task or upload it to the gallery and get paid for it

“In addition to the ability to publish a video shooting task, media have access to the video gallery, where stringers and eyewitnesses upload videos (both professional and amateur). Thus, the platform solves the problem of content shortage in the conditions of a high competition of TV channels for exclusive materials”. - Yakov Buta, CEO

StringersHub aspires to develop its activities worldwide. What’s more, the development of a mobile application has started. It will allow eyewitnesses to send the footage quicker or do a live streaming right from the scene.

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