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StringersHub, a unified technology platform, is currently assisting more than 800 content buyers, media outlets, and production companies in their search for videographers and relevant video content from all over the world. We have 25,000 freelancers from over 130 countries who can produce essential video production services ranging from hiring a fixer in Sydney to providing a full crew for your documentary shoot in Moscow. We can even create a commercial for your business in as little as two days! Since we are one-stop-company, there is no restriction to the video and freelance services marketplace. Media and news organizations also have access to the gallery with up-to-date viral and news UGC from all over the world.

Our story


StringersHub, founded in January 2018 in the USA, was a simple idea a year prior. It began growing into a full-fledged project with our participation in the Strata accelerator. Marking the beginning of our platform development.

2018 September

Once the Strata accelerator program was completed, we released the StringersHub platform. Before the team decided to start attracting user-generated content from eyewitnesses around the world, there was an initial version targeted only at professional stringers and news media representatives.

2019 May

The official launch of the StringersHub mobile app for iOS and Android.

2020 June

SH (StringersHub) partnered with the Associated Press. All content uploaded to the Gallery from our users is now available to clients from the AP Video Hub platform.

2020 October

We officially became signatories to the ACOS Alliance Freelance Journalist Safety Principles that we promote within our freelance community, including training and educational opportunities.

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