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We connect stringers
to the global media buyers

35+ Current
$ 280K Earned
by stringers
1,300+ Orders
Film newsworthy videos and sell them throught the app
How it works
Stringers Media buyers
Shoot Eyewitnesses or professional videographers shoot interesting stories or real-time events.
Post Stringers register and upload their video content to the platform.
Earn When media buyers purchase your video - you will get paid for it.
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Order Media buyers post requests with briefs for professional video journalists or eyewitnesses. Then assign stringers, who best fit their needs.
Choose Producers and editors, who seek real-time content can select video from the marketplace.
Outperform As stringers and eyewitnesses can constantly upload real-time video, media buyers are empowered to broadcast the latest content, thus increasing viewership.
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Our marketplace has real-time viral
and breaking news video content from around the world.

What people say

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Stringershub?

StringersHub is a marketplace that connects professional videographers (stringers) and eyewitnesses with media producers and editors who need video content.

How do I make sure my video get selected?

We're looking for the latest news content from all over the world. Keep in mind that news covers a broad range of topics such as politics, economy, crime, weather, celebrity, sports, extraordinary stories, events, etc. There are hundreds of media buyers on the platform who specialize in different topics. So upload your recent stories on the platform today.

How do I get assigned work?

Media buyers publish video shooting assignments on the platform every day. You can find all recent requests in the Task tab. If media buyer is looking for a stringer in your location - you will be notified immediately. Check the assignment in your personal account on the platform. If you’re able to do it - apply for it.

If my video was purchased, how do I get paid?

If your video was purchased by media buyer - you will receive notification and get paid. On StringersHub platform videographers and eyewitnesses get paid on the 5th day of the following month. There are a few payment methods that we suggest: PayPal, wire transfers, AHC, etc. Minimum payout: $50.

How do I upload videos?

To upload the video, you need to register or login on the platform. Click Upload video in your personal account, fill in a description, add tags and Send.

Which video formats does StringersHub accept?

You can upload mp4, mts, mov, wmv, avi, flv, webm video formats shot on camera or smartphone.

Can I upload videos from my smartphone?

Yes, you can upload videos filmed on a smartphone. If you film a video right from the scene - it should be horizontal and at least 1 min long. In this case, MP4 and MOV are preferable video formats.

What type of content can I upload on the platform?

Our main goal is to provide media buyers with relevant video content, that’s why news video content is more relevant for us. Nevertheless, you can upload any kind of video. For example, it can be political or social content, sports or entertainment events, etc.

What kind of video are not accepted?

You cannot upload your showreel with your watermark as unique content on the platform. It’s prohibited to upload content of violence, pornography, bestiality, videos depicting nudity, spam or advertising. If you upload such content, your account will be banned.

How can I publish a video shooting request?

Register on the platform, activate your account via email and fill in your profile. After that, click the Create task button, fill in the form, set the date of the shooting and confirm that you guarantee payment for content.

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